If you might be thinking about downloading tomorrow’s Yakuza six demo, which is previously are living in a few locations, then you may well want to connect with your ISP and make sure you really don’t have a download cap.

The demo, which spans what Sega describes as the game’s prologue, comes in at a whopping 36.53 GB. If you might be inching shut to a comprehensive PlayStation four harddrive, you also may well want to double-check out just before you begin a distant download from operate.

On the as well as side, Sega has explained that you can have about your save file from the match, so this does get you a leg up when the comprehensive match launches on its new date of April seventeen. The match was delayed from March twenty to just a few times just before a further significant PlayStation four exclusive, God of War, which appears to be a little odd.

You can also check out out movie of Jeff Cork and Leo Vader enjoying by means of some of Yakuza six in New Gameplay Now from earlier this thirty day period.

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