Dragonglass is attempting to carry cryptocurrency mining to the masses by making it possible for you to mine cash by enjoying a cell game.

The TGE (Token technology event) kicks off on the 16th of February at 3pm where by all of the one,111,111,111 produced tokens will be sent to contributors.

The challenge is remaining created by an expert team guide by Mart Lune and will function on the Ethereum blockchain. To get involved you can have to obtain an initial amount of money of DGS tokens on the sixteenth of February. The initial mining game will give you the possibility to mine Dragonglass up to 10x your original stake, so if you obtain a solitary Dragonglass token (DGS) you will be capable to mine up to ten far more ending up with a maximum of 11.

These tokens can then be acquired and sold on the Ethereum blockchain and will be employed in approaching game titles created by the similar team.

The goal is to carry cryptocurrency mining to the masses. Even though regular mining necessitates effective Computer hardware, a steady offer of electrical energy and a generous dose of time – the mining in Dragonglass will “(use) a unique mining approach that does not count on your device’s assets. The mining is finished by producing seamless DGS token transactions.”

These transactions will be triggered by completing levels in the Dragonglass Miner cell game. This most likely sounds a small much too good to be correct, as the builders are proclaiming to substitute a approach that at first requires a good deal of hardware, strength and time with a cell game that does not pressure your phone’s assets. Their whitepaper can be located below, and following skimming via it, I was even now no wiser on how they essentially program to tackle that obstacle on a complex amount.

Nonetheless, I am not an engineer or a programmer so my belief below implies pretty small. Just, as ever, be cautions where by you devote any dollars and do your personal study.

If Dragonglass delivers on what it claims then it could make cryptocurrency mining considerably far more accessible to a broader viewers. Nonetheless, as the crypto globe matures, the currencies with simple takes advantage of are a great deal less complicated to purchase in to (literally and figuratively). We’re even now not apparent on what the Dragonglass tokens (DGS) essentially do, but we’re hoping to come across out in owing time.

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