Yeah, sure, you will find some hoopla for Solo: A Star Wars Story. It has Don Glover, who’s always been wonderful. It tells the story of a technology-defining puckish rogue. Which is cool. But what if it had “I’m Han Solo” taking part in rather?

Which is the dilemma this movie from Youtube channel ShoopTube makes an attempt to respond to. The song, which originated in 2012’s inexplicable Star Was Kinect, was part of a dance section having position in the conveniently-positioned carbonite freezing chamber that encased Han Solo in stated carbonite on Bespin. Above the decades, it has turn into infamous as an instance of the silliness of the Star Wars license, in equally great and bad strategies.

Verify out the movie below and hum the song to by yourself when you go see the movie in theaters on May 25.

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