VLC is 1 of those people open-supply items to humankind that we absolutely really don’t are entitled to. A light-weight, bloat-resistant, secure, and endlessly suitable piece of program that we mostly use to perform again pirated movies.

The manufacturer-new 3. “Vetinari” update to VLC adds an extraordinary amount of capabilities. It has HD10 aid. It does Hd audio passthrough. It is components accelerated on all platforms, which offers it ample horsepower to do 4K and 8K playback on frequent phones and desktops. It can Chromecast videos that aren’t natively supported by Chromecast. It functions with Blu-ray Java menus! It is even optimized for the Iphone X’s notch.

But, most importantly: VLC 3. adds aid for Hd DVD .evo data files.

So lengthy, PowerDVD! Now I can enjoy my mint…

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