On Thursday, President Donald Trump achieved with video clip recreation builders as nicely as men and women with the scientifically unfounded belief that violent video clip games—not always the country’s rampant offer of conveniently accessible genuine firearms—are responsible for mass shootings all through the US. And enable me inform you, people, the president is very nervous about all these wicked gamer kills, think me.

All through the conference, the White Home performed a clip of random virtual figures which include but not constrained to Nazi troopers, a dude having lunch in Fallout 4, and the evil standard from Modern Warfare two becoming killed, sometimes with knives but also with bullets in exaggerated, gradual-movement X-ray eyesight so that you can see their skulls. The White Home then posted explained compilation, which options clips ripped from various YouTube accounts which include a streamer named “Deathmule,” for the gain of the community underneath.

Like the president, I have pretty, pretty critical considerations about this plague of digital violence, and I have authentic, important concerns I need the unwell men and women who made these so-termed “games” reply. Can you use these “X Box”and “Play Station” guns to destroy authentic men and women? Why are you instruction a era of killers to #360NoScope Nazi skeletons? And why didn’t Obama do something about the Very hot Coffee mod?

We’re waiting—signed, the American People today.

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