Very last 7 days, software developer and researcher Abraham Masri shared particulars of a bug that would let other folks to freeze your Apple iphone with little far more than a speedy text message.

Apple has just pushed out iOS eleven.two.five, which patches that concern back again up.

This bug, the likes of which are typically referred to as a “text bomb”, experienced a would-be attacker deliver a URL through text message. When the recipient’s mobile phone started out processing it for preview, the system would get started accomplishing all sorts of strange things — from freezing, to homescreen crashes, to kernel panics.

The enterprise almost never says much about the whats and whys of a bug, but it mentions in the safety notes that it stemmed from the way back links received in text messages are processed and presented. Apple credits Masri for getting the bug.

This update also preps iOS products for the coming launch of Apple’s HomePod speaker, and teaches Siri how to read through the information (albeit only in the US, Uk, and Australia) when you say the right magic phrases — which, would not you know it, are “Hey Siri, participate in the news”. You can also get a little bit far more specific, saying things like “business news” or “sports news”.

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