The mysteries of 50 %-Everyday living three and episode 3 of 50 %-Everyday living 2 may possibly never formally be settled. Comprehensive, investigative get the job done has resulted in tiny to no revelation, and anytime information does crop up, it’s sent at the most unexpected times in the most roundabout manners.

Valve may possibly have deserted its silent theoretical physicist, but other builders have brought him into all sorts of movie video games around time. Freeman has acquired lots of subtle textual and visual nods in titles like Contact of Responsibility: United Offensive or Grand Theft Vehicle: San Andreas, so we’ve minimal our checklist to genuine sightings of Dr. Freeman’s likeness. Let us see what other worlds the scientist has explored around the many years.

The Punisher (2005)
Loosely motivated by the 2004 film starring Thomas Jane, The Punisher is a 3rd-man or woman shooter wherever Frank Castle can take on a load of gangs with lots of responsible-satisfaction cameos from Iron Gentleman, Wilson Fisk, and much more. Nonetheless, the cameo we’re intrigued in takes place throughout the introduction of the Stark Towers amount. A tour information demonstrates Castle all of the scientists performing on projects when the facility goes on lockdown. One particular of the scientists asks “Dr. Freeman” what is likely on, to which he replies, “Maybe the quantum physics team lastly opened that further-dimensional portal!” Unfortunately, the enthusiast scientist perishes when an Everlasting Solar gang member breaks into his lab, so you are unable to preserve him. Though Portal was not produced yet, this variation of Dr. Freeman seemed to be performing on a gadget that appears to be awfully identical to Chell’s Portal gun, also.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (2007)
If you glimpse to your still left next to a fallen helicopter in Wild Territory, you’ll see an underground tunnel stuffed with electro anomalies, which plays a vital role in the “Find the Family members Rifle” aspect mission. If you meticulously navigate the spot utilizing bolts or your detector, you’ll uncover a deceased Gordon Freeman with his signature glasses. Looting his system will uncover his PDA, wherever he chronicles getting sent to Chernobyl (quite possibly by the G-Gentleman) subsequent the Black Mesa Incident. Seemingly, he didn’t fare very well in the radioactive landscape, but you can benefit from the fallen scientist by using a Black Kite pistol off his system and a modified variation identified as the Major Ben in a box lying next to him. GSC Activity Environment prepared to add a mission wherever Barkeep gives you a mission to recuperate the Black Kite pistol, but the quest was scrapped from the recreation.

Penumbra (2007)
In Chapter four of Penumbra, you come upon a locked doorway that blocks your way to the incinerator home. The only way to get by means of is to meticulously undertaking throughout a frozen lake to retrieve a crowbar, which must be sawed from the prior owner’s cold, dead hand. Need to you inspect the item’s description, it reveals that “There’s a title scratched into the metal: ‘Freeman.’” The scientist can not appear to be to catch a split from severe landscapes, no matter if it be frozen tundras or radiation wastelands.

Metro 2033 (2010)
After Rangers Pavel and Ulman preserve Artyom from two Nazis in the Trolley Battle mission, you’ll observe a bloodied doorway down the hallway as quickly as you think command of Artyom. The Rangers head still left, but if you open up the doorway and transform on your flashlight in the pitch-black home, you’ll uncover a Gordon Freeman who’s been long dead. There is no way to notify on visual appeal on your own considering the fact that he’s a skeleton, but a pair of glasses and purple crowbar leave no question. The similarities involving this and the Shadow of Chernobyl Easter egg are probable not coincidence. Metro 2033’s developer, 4A Video games, was launched by previous S.T.A.L.K.E.R. builders.

Renegade Ops (2011)
Your vehicle is your weapon in this interesting get on the twin-adhere shooter. You improve your arsenal and tour distinct spots as you blow up all sorts of distinct automobiles. The Steam variation of Renegade Ops arrives with a 50 %-Everyday living-themed buggy that Gordon Freeman himself drives. His exceptional skill makes it possible for him to ship out large Antlions to destroy enemies.

Shoot Several Robots (2012)
It’s really hard to say no matter if this counts as an visual appeal or not, but it’s near adequate to warrant our checklist. This aspect-scrolling shooter attributes customizable clothes with various stats, and just one of these outfits is the Steam exclusive HEV Go well with with Gordon Freeman’s glasses. These goods were being offered for anyone who pre-purchased the recreation, which curiously amplified the likelihood of encountering a Portal turret in-recreation. However, Shoot Several Robots was taken off by Ubisoft from the Steam keep, so this is an visual appeal that’s disappeared into the nether.

McPixel (2012)
The eponymous character of McPixel is place by means of dozens of rapid-fireplace cases wherever you interact with his environments to figure out how to stop explosions from likely off. In just one of the downloadable information eventualities, the hapless male finds himself at Black Mesa Analysis Facility, wherever Gordon Freeman and Gabe Newell are roasting sizzling canines around a fireplace. Conserving the facility involves kicking Newell into the fireplace, ingesting his sizzling puppy, and vomiting on Freeman, which will cause him to vomit rainbows that place out their campfire. We can not enable but think there’s some metaphor behind all of this.

Steamworld Dig (2013)
In the Outdated Environment section of this journey mining title, the next improve cave residences an historic keep you can check out if you undertaking to the upper-still left part of this spot. As soon as you steam jump throughout a chasm immediately after blowing up a wall, you come upon a GameGo keep with a row of individuals who died waiting around for 50 %-Everyday living three. Ad posters and a billboard are all around the put, and just one of the fans is donning a HEV accommodate. We wouldn’t count this as a Freeman visual appeal, but his likeness (with appropriately graying hair) can be noticed on just one of the store’s posters.

Mad Max (2015)
If you shift south from the centre of the Grit Canyons spot, there’s a cliffside with an opening underneath. Coming into this very well-hidden haven will guide you to a pile of bins, but you’ll observe that a even bigger wooden crate has an orange “3” blazoned on the aspect. A severed arm with a crowbar rests on top of it and, lo and behold, a rotting corpse with glasses lying next to it. You can accumulate some scrap and consume some maggots straight out of Freeman’s corpse when you are there, also … appetizing, correct? In addition, Avalanche Studios produced this recreation as very well as Renegade Ops the group evidently has an affinity for 50 %-Everyday living.

Ultimate Fantasy XV (2015)
The most recent in the strange planet of Gordon Freeman appearances arrives from Sq. Enix’s partnership with Valve to produce Ultimate Fantasy XV on Steam. Gamers can dress in Gordon Freeman’s HEV Go well with, glasses, and use a crowbar with their own customizable characters, but can perform as the guy himself if they so select. The further information is exclusive to anyone who purchases the recreation on Steam right before May perhaps 1. As a aspect note, Ultimate Fantasy XV resourceful…

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