In a messy lawful predicament that has been continuing because at minimum December, Star Control’s authentic developers, Paul Reiche and Fred Ford, are filing a counterclaim from Brad Wardell and the organization Stardock more than the question of who owns Star Management.

We talked about the story in December, but the limited edition is that Reiche and Ford think that the legal rights to Star Management belong to them and have been performing on a new sport less than the organization identify Dogar and Kozan, although Stardock thinks it belongs to them and have reportedly been making an attempt to prevent the growth of the pair’s sequel to the sport.

From our authentic story in December: “In buy to understand Dogar and Kazon’s statements, we require a bit of heritage. Toys for Bob (which Dogar and Kazon founders Fred Ford and Paul Reiche also founded) developed the authentic two Star Management games, which the now-defunct organization Accolade posted. Immediately after Accolade posted a couple of sequels not developed by Toys For Bob, the franchise went into deep snooze, and its legal rights ended up later on picked up by Atari. In 2013, Stardock bought the legal rights to collection from Atari when the organization liquidated its assets as portion of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy (Stardock is currently shown as the publisher of the series on Steam). Stardock is developing its own entry in the Star Management collection, Star Management: Origins.”

Nowadays, the pair announced by means of their internet site that they are filing a countersuit from Stardock.

Stardock submitted a grievance in Federal courtroom from us, individually, alleging among the other points that we are not actually the creators of Star Management,” the article reads. “This is news to us! Are we clones of the authentic Fred and Paul, just now studying of our squelchy vat delivery?  Regrettably, Stardock’s grievance is not a prank – so, nowadays we took motion and submitted a reaction in Federal courtroom answering Stardock’s untrue statements. Of training course, we’ve also submitted counterclaims against Stardock, as the authentic Fred and Paul would have desired.”

It is unachievable to say exterior of a courtroom how this will flip out, but it seems to be like the two sides are digging the trenches for a protracted struggle.


Our Take
Even though I lawfully have no idea who is in the proper right here, the most important takeaway from this is that IP and copyright legislation is messy. I can’t wait to see this untangled and see who has the right declare, even though my guess is that it can be not that straightforward.

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