It’s hard for games to get second chances. With the number of releases out every year and the time (and money) investment many of the require, if something doesn’t strike your fancy, it can be hard to keep at it. So we want to know: When did revisiting a game you didn’t like initially prove to be worth it?

My example comes from this year, with Nier: Automata. When I first played it back in March, it did absolutely nothing for me. While the initial top-down sequence was intriguing, the characters, combat, and world were so bland and boring I wanted nothing to do with it and stopped after doing three side quests. However, revisiting the game last month, I found that… well, the combat was still boring and I still don’t like 2B or 9S. But sticking with it a little longer, newer characters revealed to be much better, and while the world is still a bit drab and not clearly communicated (is that an invisible wall or the way forward? You’ll have to run into it to find out!), the story and ideas it explores are more than worth the effort.

So what game that you love didn’t grab you at first? Did a game that made an initial impression end up being a favorite? Did you come back to a game years later and found that you liked it that much more this time around?

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