You did it! You survived Black Friday, known as one of the biggest single days for retail in the United States (and increasingly so outside the country).

It’s also not a bad time for gaming deals. Sony reported this past Black Friday as their biggest ever, with $200 PlayStation 4s flying off the shelf left and right. A lot of people see Black Friday as their place to make those purchases they’ve been watching all year long for pennies to the dollar which can result in a sort of mania in stores for games and consoles and TVs and pretty much everything.

I’ve worked Black Friday at retail, which I charitably describe as the worst night of my life, and thus try to keep my distance from stores that night as a customer. I did, however, buy games online last year, which I only realized this week that I never actually opened.

What are your tales of Black Friday victory and woe? Has anything crazy ever happened to you that day? Do you still have games shrinkwrapped from last year? Let us know in the comments below!

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