If you like to be at the cutting edge, then the futuristic iPhone X might just be what you are looking for. The iphone X (pronounced iPhone 10) was unveiled on September 12, 2017 alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Apple. It is however, not the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 8 plus that has got people excited, it is the iPhone X.
The iPhone X, set to be released on Friday, November 3rd features a wireless charging, reinforced glass design, face ID recognition, dual-lens camera, absence of home button, bionic processor, OLED screen(this new apple screen has app developers redesigning their apps all for the sake of compatibility) and lots more.

Pros and Cons of the “futuristic” iPhone X
Just like any other mobile phone, the iPhone X has its pros and cons. So, if you are weighing in your options of buying the iphone X, kindly take a look at the advantages and disadvantages.

1. It is actually cool to see Apple follow the latest trend with the edge to edge screen display.
2. The touch ID fingerprint scanner that can be used to unlock the previous iPhone has been replaced by facial recognition. Now, with a glance, you can unlock your phone.
3. The iPhone X is Water resistant and can stay deep in 5ft of water.
4. The iPhone X can be charged wirelessly.
5. The iPhone X has a fast charge technology. It is said to be able to charge up to 50% in 30 minutes and lasts 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7.
6. The iPhone X has a pre installed iOS 11 with siri already preinstalled.
7. iPhone X has now gone a step higher ahead other phones by removing the home button on the phone.
8. The new iPhone X users will enjoy enhanced storage which is sure to begin from 64 GB ROM and 3 GB RAM.
9. The new iPhone X has a new processor (A11 Bionic chip) said to be capable of performing up to 600 billion operations per second.
10. Dual-lens Camera seems to be another great feature of the apple iPhone X.

1. The iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone in the apple series purported to cost about 999 in dollars and Euros.
2. The iPhone X new full glass display is prone to break.
3. The wireless charging only works at less than 15 feet
4. The facial recognition technology on the new iPhone x is mostly unknown and untested.
5. The front camera’s aperture lens is considerably lower than the competitors.
6. Ugly cut-out notch at the top of the screen.
7. The absence of the 3.5mm headphone Jacks.
8. The iPhone X doesn’t support dual-window multitasking.

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