If you ever find your self on a bullet train among, say, Tokyo and Osaka at five.37pm on a Thursday afternoon, you will see a ton of dudes in suits with three things on the very little fold-out table: a meticulously organized bento box, a can of Suntory Top quality Malts beer, and a Panasonic Let’s Be aware laptop computer.

Let’s Be aware laptops really do not glimpse like significantly. Properly, to be precise, they glimpse like laptops from 2002. They have tremendous boxy, inch-thick models, squared-off screens, big cooling vents, optical disc drives, VGA ports, and inexplicably circular trackpads. The line dates back to 1996, and has not truly altered significantly this millennium.

The selection remains ubiquitous in Japan anywhere there’s a want for transportable computing, nonetheless, and Panasonic is putting a refreshed lineup on sale this Friday — it truly is built 350,000 for the first batch. The principal appeal of Let’s Be aware laptops is that they give tons of flexibility and efficiency in a lightweight but rugged plastic bundle.

The new SV7, for instance, weighs below two and a fifty percent pounds even when fitted with an extended battery that Panasonic claims can get up to 21 hrs of lifetime. It has a twelve.one-inch 1920 x 1200 matte display, can run on up to a Core i7-8650U processor, and has connectivity like Thunderbolt three, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, an SD card slot, optional LTE, a headphone jack, and three USB-A ports. And a Windows Hi-compatible webcam. And a DVD burner.

Pricing for that best product begins at 318,800 yen, or about $three,000. Which is a ton for a laptop computer that seems like it was left guiding when the Clinton administration departed the White House. But Japan normally is not as futuristic as you may well think, and there’s no superior way to replicate its office environment on the go.

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