The mysterious cigar-formed asteroid Oumuamua has been spinning by means of space for billions of yrs because of a violent incident in its earlier, researchers have uncovered.

Researchers from Queen’s College Belfast have been analyzing the curious space item ever due to the fact it was spotted in our solar system in October.

The staff, from the university’s university of mathematics and physics, have been analysing the asteroid along with international colleagues.

Oumuamua is not spinning periodically like most small asteroids, they say, but fairly tumbling – spinning chaotically – and has possibly been undertaking so for billions of yrs.

They consider this took place next a violent collision with yet another asteroid at some place in its earlier – a crash which tossed it violently away from its initial solar system and into interstellar space.

Dr Wes Fraser, lead writer of the research, said: “Our modelling of this system implies the tumbling will previous for many billions of yrs to hundreds of billions of yrs in advance of inside stresses cause it to rotate usually all over again.

“While we will not know the cause of the tumbling, we forecast that it was most probable sent tumbling by an effect with yet another planetesimal in its system, in advance of it was ejected into interstellar space.”

The researchers say Oumuamua has curious properties, like that it seemed to modify color involving measurements.

The tumbling points out this, they say, because Oumuamua’s floor is spotty – this signifies that when the extended deal with of the cigar-formed asteroid was facing Earth, it seemed crimson, but the rest of it experienced a neutral color.

“Most of the floor reflects neutrally but just one of its extended faces has a significant crimson area. This argues for broad compositional variants, which is strange for these kinds of a small system,” said Dr Fraser.

The findings of the analysis into – as far we know, the only system to have ever flown so near to us from exterior of our possess solar system – have been printed in Character Astronomy.

Added authors include things like Dr Petr Pravec, from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Dr Colin Snodgrass, from The Open up College and Igor Smolic, ́from the College of Belgrade.

“We now know that further than its strange elongated condition, this space cucumber experienced origins all-around yet another star, has experienced a violent earlier, and tumbles chaotically because of it,” said Dr Fraser.

“Our benefits are really aiding to paint a additional full photo of this peculiar interstellar interloper. It is really strange compared to most asteroids and comets we see in our possess solar system.”

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