Microsoft first unveiled its Surface Pro with LTE earlier this year, promising a release before the end of 2017. As the year draws to an end, Microsoft now says it plans to launch the Surface Pro with LTE support in December. If that timing sounds familiar, it’s because a Microsoft employee accidentally revealed it during an Ignite session last month.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro with LTE Advanced (yes, that’s the full model name) will include an Intel Core i5 processor and a Qualcomm Snapdragon X16 modem. Microsoft is using this LTE chipset, with 20 LTE bands, to ensure that anyone can buy this model of Surface Pro and have LTE work in any country around the world. Microsoft isn’t promising any specific battery life for this LTE model, but the company did say the Surface Pro that launched earlier this year would run for up to 13.5 hours watching video. LTE support could impact that, but we’ll have to review the device to find out exactly how.

Pricing and exact availability isn’t being revealed today, but the Surface Pro with LTE model will be available first to business customers in December. Microsoft appears to be targeting this model towards businesses, and the company unveiled it on stage at the business-focused Future Decoded event in London this morning.

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