Microsoft has partnered with Johnson Controls to build a thermostat. The software giant first unveiled the Cortana-powered thermostat last year, complete with a translucent touchscreen display. Dubbed GLAS, the thermostat will track indoor and outdoor air quality and adjust temperatures accordingly. It also uses Cortana to display information and enable voice control.

The striking translucent display means the thermostat will fit into many different environments and rooms, but it will come at a price. Johnson Controls is revealing today that the GLAS will be available for preorder in March for $319. That’s more than the $249 for an Ecobee with Alexa integration or rivals from Nest, but you’re probably paying the extra for the translucent display. It’s a unique part of this particular thermostat.

GLAS runs on Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT Core operating system, and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410E embedded processor, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. GLAS will support temperature controls, weather forecasts, and other skills through a mobile app, browser, or Cortana voice controls. You’ll be able to install GLAS in residential or commercial buildings, and the thermostat will support most 24VAC heating and cooling systems, including most gas, electric, oil, radiant and forced air systems. You can sign-up for preorder information over at Johnson Controls’ website.

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