Kodi has had a blockbuster year with the TV Player now in more homes than ever before.

Recent statistics suggest that and that number is expected to grow even further in 2018.

With record numbers streaming content online, via Kodi, the TV Player could become a target for cyber criminals and the team behind the software have just issued a warning to its users.

Kodi says it’s hugely important to make sure users check that their system is fully up to date to reduce the possible security risks.

In a statement on their blog, Kodi said: “These days keeping your software updated is becoming more and more important because of possible security risks. 

“Although we will never claim Kodi will become risk free when you are using it, we will certainly try to improve security and reduce possible risks in each version we release.

“This not only involves the core code of which Kodi is build but also all the external code libraries we use to make it a functional program. 

“As such it is quite important that when possible you try to update Kodi to the most recent released final version.”

If you’re unsure which version of Kodi you are using you can find out by checking your TV when Kodi starts up.

Each time you open the software it will briefly show a splash screen image on which it says what version you are currently running. 

Another option is to navigate to the settings screen where you’ll find full details of the current software.

Kodi suggest all of its users regularly visit the kodi.tv website to check if there’s any news or updates available. 

It’s worth remembering that Kodi is not illegal to use or install but it does allow third-party add-ons to be used which do offer premium content for free.

Many of these add-ons are illegal and users should understand the risks before streaming content via such services.

Even Kodi has begun distancing themselves from these add-ons with many now facing legal action in a bid to stop the distribution of this type on content.

In a recent post on its blog, Kodi said that it was “a good thing” that illegal add-ons where closing as it mean’t “fewer people damaging the Kodi name.”

Kodi has always stated that it has neutral stance on piracy but it is definitely trying to distance itself from these issues.

The TV player recently got embroiled in a major spat with TVAddons – one of the leading add-on libraries for the Kodi media player.

Despite TVAddons boasting that it is “powered by Kodi” within its official logo, there seems to be no love lost between the online repository and the media player software.

TVAddons, who are currently facing legal issues said: “We respect @KodiTV and all of our users, sucks that you’d kick us while we’re down.

“If we lose in court, repercussions will affect you too.”

Kodi responded with the simple message: “We dearly hope you loose in court!,”

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