It’s officially barbecue season, but if you don’t have the right equipment to host a cookout, you can grab whatever you need from this one-day Amazon Cuisinart sale.

The biggest theme of the sale is portable, tabletop grills, and there are a lot of them, including charcoal and gas options starting at just $19. There’s even a tabletop pizza oven, if that’s your thing.

I suspect the most popular items though will be the smokers, which are so hot right now. Both a 36″ propane and 18″ charcoal vertical smoker are included for around $100.

And even if you already have a grill you’re happy with, you may want to grab Cuisinart’s deluxe grilling accessory set for $33, which is about $10 less than usual.

You can head over to Amazon to see all of the deals, but remember that they’re only available today, so don’t let this sale overcook.

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