Well these days’ when it comes to payment everyone wants ease and reliability of transaction and there is much such application in the market whether it is PayPal, Paytm or any other such app, but when it comes to the tech giants like Microsoft, it’s a whole new flavour. So guess what? Microsoft is bringing digital payment facility in ‘Kaizala’ app. It feels like Microsoft has sniffed that digital payment these days is growing manifold hence they took this step. This integration with a third party mobile app will help the user to send or receive their money quickly and without leaving the Kaizala Mobile application.

As of now, Kaizala is spread among over one million users in India, here users also has the special option of having conversations and also have group chats and then transfer money like Tez app which is an initiative by Google.

Kaizala was launched in July 2017 and is now synched with a fast-selling desktop product named Office 365 by Microsoft.

It’s not over at, at present over 30 departments which consist of 70,000 workers of Andhra Pradesh government are using this app for day to day working. This in itself is a remark for the App.

As per Rajiv Kumar, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft India “Customers have been asking about adding the payment functionality in Kaizala to complete the workflow. We are going to very soon integrate digital payment facility in the app”

He added “ the integration will take care of payments from wallet to wallet, bank to bank, credit card to a band and vice versa. It is very much customer-driven and addresses all stakeholders in the value chain.”


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