J.J. Abrams, the mastermind powering The Cloverfield Universe, has disclosed a sneaky Easter Egg that was slice from The Cloverfield Paradox for currently being just, effectively, far too odd.

Speaking on Empire’s podcast (by way of Heroic Hollywood), Abrams explained that Howard Stambler’s (John Goodman) truck, greatly featured in ten Cloverfield Lane, was initially heading to make a cameo.

“During the spacewalk sequence and all this particles is traveling all around,” explained Abrams. “There was a truck that was heading all around. And it was from 10 Cloverfield Lane, it was Stambler’s truck. But it was one particular of people items that the moment again, some people today known as it out as currently being far too mad, I cherished it, since I thought it was just so bonkers, but some people today felt it was far too distracting, I thought it was remarkable.”

We known as The Cloverfield Paradox far too predictable in our review, but it really is nonetheless pretty appealing to see how it ties the full Cloverfield universe jointly. Abrams also just lately went on document about Cloverfield four, calling it a “truly mad film.”

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