When will Huawei announce the Huawei Watch 3? Is a MWC 2018 launch likely? We round up the rumours.

When is the Huawei Watch 3 release date?

A release date has not been confirmed by Huawei for a new model. The original Huawei Watch was announced at MWC 2015 (and then went on sale in September), and the Huawei Watch 2 at MWC 2017.

MWC, which takes place at the end of February, is therefore a likely time for a Huawei Watch 3 announcement, though given how few rumours there are and the lack of any Android Wear 3.0 news we suspect it will be announced at MWC 2019 rather than during this year’s show.

What new features should we expect from the Huawei Watch 3?

The Huawei Watch is an Android Wear watch, which hasn’t seen any big changes since Android Wear 2.0. It seems probable that we will hear news on Android Wear 3.0 at Google I/O 2018, which is expected to take place on 16 May but has not yet been confirmed, and the Huawei Watch 3 will then run the new operating system.

Things we’d hope to see in Android Wear 3.0 (which would also be seen in the Huawei Watch 3) include better efficiency and longer battery life, enhanced performance and more apps. Improved support for iOS would also be welcome, allowing devices such as the Huawei Watch 3 to be seen as a proper alternative to the Apple Watch for iPhone owners.

We’d also like to be able to unlock a Windows or Mac PC with our Android Wear watches, and use it to cast content such as music.

Updates specific to a new Huawei Watch might include a universal charging port or wireless charging, and a turnable bezel. Huawei has in fact recently patented a touchscreen bezel, which could be a potential feature for its next watch.

According to the document, which has been approved by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the edge of the watch would have eight touch-sensitive zones. These can be tapped in various combinations to send commands that would otherwise require Huawei to add more buttons.

Huawei Wear, the companion app, could also use some love: it’s very basic and requires you to download additional apps such as Huawei Health to access greater functionality.

We’ll add more rumours to this article as we hear them.

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