HQ has hit a milestone of 1 million people participating in its live mobile trivia game today. The app has soared in popularity after being released originally for iOS a few months ago, and has regularly had between 500,000 and 750,000 people playing the trivia game over the recent holidays. HQ is from the creators of Vine, the short-form video app, and users can tune in twice a day to answer 12 questions for cash prizes.

While initially limited to iOS, the app recently debuted in beta form on Android and this has clearly helped push its popularity even further. HQ has been randomly increasing its cash prizes to as much as $20,000, but it typically gives away $2,000 each game. If there are multiple winners then the cash is split, resulting in most winners taking around $100 in an average game. This chase for cash mixed with hosts and a fun trivia element has attracted a lot of players, and the million milestone sure looks like it’s helping define the future of both mobile gaming and live TV.

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