Base building is a craft that many Clashers use to define themselves amongst an ocean of talented players. It can be time-consuming and tedious but the rewards come in so many ways to those that take the time to build the indestructible base. As you invest more time in the game it will become obvious that a well-constructed Home Village will be the foundation of your long-term success.

Our number one goal is to protect our hard earned loot from the bombardment of crafty attacks waged upon us from other players. Most players won’t take long to join a Clan and inevitably participate in the Clan Wars. Immediately you will notice something different about the bases in the Clan Wars. They are much harder to 3-Star than the Home Village. It is at this moment that you begin to realize the complexity of base building. There are fundamental differences between the Home Village and the War Base. The differences are driven from our need to have specific functionality from each base design.

The Home Village

One of the biggest advantages that you have as the defender will be the prep time that the attacker has before they begin the attack on your village. They only have 30 seconds to decide if your base is right for them.

Most players are looking for one of two things, loot and trophies so before we get into building concepts let’s start off by making a conscious effort to understand the attacker. We want to make the NEXT button a much more attractive idea than the ATTACK button.

The 1st way we do this is to minimize the amount of loot we leave in our village when we go offline. There are millions of bases out there for the attacker to choose from. Many potential attackers have already hit the NEXT button a dozen times to get to your base so try not to stand out by offering huge rewards for attacking your village over the next village. So, before you go offline, empty those Storages if at all possible!

This may look like a good Home Village design but as we take a closer look we find many problems. This resulted in a 3 star and over a million in loot.

war base design technique

Once an attacker commits to attacking your base they have very little prep time to study your base design. This is the biggest advantage we have as defenders so we want to exploit it as best as possible. Our goal is to confuse and mislead the attacker while we lead them through a series of traps and pitfalls. Keep in mind that they only have one chance at attacking your village so we want to use the high risk / high reward types of designs to end their attacks early.

Let’s get into some specifics…  

Start every Home Village build with the Clan Castle (aka CC). The defending CC troops will usually offer the defender the highest combined DPS (damage per second) in your village. By centering the Clan Castle you will make it harder for the attacking player to get their troops into the “Trigger Zone” this makes the collision between their troops and your CC Troops happen at an unpredictable time which is what we want as the defender.

Keep Town Hall (aka TH) near the core along with your most valuable resource the Dark Elixir Storage. We want Town Hall near the core for 2 reasons. 1st it is full of loot and we don’t give anything away. 2nd it has tons of hit points which will force attacking players to take a long time to destroy it. By keeping the Town Hall near the core you have a better chance for multiple defenses to target the attacking troops. Your defenses will punish those troops while they chop away at the Town Hall thus diminishing their overall strength.

This leads us to our next major factor in the Home Village design. I have this concept of trading loot for troops. This means that if you are attacking my village and you take a Gold Storage, I will in return kill off a substantial number of troops for your efforts. NEVER give anything away on your Home Village. You want the attacker to have to take 100% of your village to get 100% of your loot. We do this by dividing the village into 4 quadrants and placing 25% of our loot in each quadrant. A big mistake many new players make is where they place their Storages. Many attackers will be able to get to any location on your map so never place all of your Storages in one place, like in the core of the base. Those same players that can get their troops to any location on the map may not be able to take 100% of the map so splitting up your hard-earned loot is always the best idea. Layer your defenses into each quadrant along with the Storages to make it difficult for attackers to seize your loot no matter what direction the attack from. Don’t expose your defenses by surrounding your Storages with them. Layer the defenses in with the high Hit Point Storages so they can protect them for as long as possible.

Due to the fact that the attacker only has one shot at your Home Village you will want to create pitfalls in areas of the village. We do this with the Giant Bombs and the Spring Traps. Giant Bombs are 2×2 tile structures. That’s small enough to sneak one in here and there but we don’t want to do that. We want to place every Giant Bomb we have in one area creating a death trap for any group of troops that crosses over it but, we also have to be as discreet as possible. To create big trap areas we have to design our village with several locations where the Giant Bombs could be. This has several benefits too! Create 4-5 locations around your village with empty spaces. This will force the attacker to make a quick educated guess as to where the traps actually are and at times even cause the attacker to drop Heal Spells over open areas that look suspicious but are actually empty. The same tactic can be used for the Spring Traps too.

Pro Tip! watch replays of attacks on your village and move traps where you see attackers enter the base. Find the most common pathways and trap there. Keep watching and keep tweaking for the best results

There are risks for grouping every Giant Bomb or Spring Trap together. The attacker could get lucky and have one rogue Goblin run through all 5 Giant Bombs, setting them all off or a Golem lead a pack of troops over a Spring Trap farm also setting them all off remaining unharmed themselves. Most of the time the attacker will not be so lucky and the rewards of defending your village while allowing that attacker minimal gains in loot for their efforts is much more common.

trap setup war base

Here are 2 great examples of Giant Bomb placement on your home village. Remember do not mix your Giant Bombs with the Spring Traps. No need to spring injured troops off the map!

force hogs in war base

I mentioned earlier how the NEXT button could play into your Home Village’s overall safety and I wanted to elaborate on that point a little more before we begin to break down the War Base. When I am out farming I look for a few things before I attack a base. 1st there has to be enough loot. If there is 500K of each Gold and Elixir and/ or 4K in Dark Elixir that’s an automatic green…

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