Skyrim hit Switch today and with it a host of Amiibo unlockables are available. However, it turns out you don’t actually need amiibo to unlock the majority of the Switch-exclusive gear. It seems The Master Sword will require an Amiibo, but you can find the two other pieces of gear in-game without any of the figurines.

Here’s what you do: you need to make it to the quest “Throat of the World” in the main quest line and proceed to High Hrothgar. There, the Greybeards will teach you the “Clear Skies” shout, which can then be used to clear the way and scale the mountain so you can reach the highest point in Skyrim. You should be here:

Also, there should be a dragon named Parrthurnax if you’re doing the quest. After you talk with Paarthurnax, facing the shrine, take a left on the top of the mountain and go to the side until you find a little cave. Inside you should see a cartoony looking treasure chest. Open it and you’ll find the Champion’s Tunic and Hyrule Shield:

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