Google might have the better device, but Amazon’s Echo smart speaker family leads the market. While Google has recently announced its Google Home Mini and Google Home Max (the latter available only in the US for now), Amazon still has more devices. One of which is the Echo Show, a smart speaker with a touchscreen display, and it’s the one Google could well have its eyes on next.

It makes sense that if Google wants to take on Amazon Echo head to head it needs to have fingers in all the same pies, and therefore that it would look to produce an Echo Show-style version of Google Home.

There’s very little evidence to go on here, however, which suggests the company is still in the early planning stages.

What we do know is Google is looking to hire a person capable of designing such a device. It’s putting out feelers for a Touch Sensor Hardware Engineer for Google Home, as is evidenced by a LinkedIn job post unearthed by Trusted Reviews.

“In this role, you’ll work on the next generation of Google Hardware to enable the best multi-touch user experience. You will lead the touch module development and integration for Google Hardware from concept to mass production,” states the job description.

The eventual hire will “work to define complete touch solutions” and make “our user’s interaction with computing faster, more powerful, and seamless”, it continues.

We’ll bring you more rumours as we hear them.

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