Google CEO Sundar Pichai responded nowadays to the firing of personnel James Damore about his controversial memo on office variety, stating that whilst he does not regret the final decision, he regrets that people today misunderstood it as a politically motivated occasion. Speaking in a stay dialogue with journalist and Recode co-founder Kara Swisher, MSNBC host Ari Melber, and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki in San Francisco, Pichai mentioned that the final decision to fireplace Damore was about ensuring gals at Google felt like the enterprise was dedicated to generating a welcoming surroundings.

“I regret that people today misunderstand that we might have designed this for a political belief a person way or another,” Pichai mentioned. “It’s crucial for the gals at Google, and all the people today at Google, that we want to make a inconclusive surroundings.” When pressed by Swisher on the situation of regret, Pichai stated far more definitively, “I never regret it.” Wojcicki, who has spoken publicly about how Damore’s memo afflicted her individually, followed up with, “I think it was the suitable final decision.”

Damore, who was fired back in August following his inner memo went viral, submitted a lawsuit previously this month alleging Google discriminates from white male conservatives. The crux of Damore’s memo was that Google’s variety initiatives are misplaced, that gals might be biologically a lot less suited to engineering and programing careers in the tech marketplace, and that Google results in a hostile surroundings for conservatives.

In reaction to the memo, Pichai, who mentioned back in August that Damore crossed “the line by advancing destructive gender stereotypes in our office,” designed the final decision with other prime Google executives to fireplace him. “To advise a group of our colleagues have attributes that make them a lot less biologically suited to that do the job is offensive and not Okay,” Pichai wrote in his assertion. In reaction to the future lawful motion, a Google spokesperson mentioned previously this month, “We search ahead to defending from Mr. Damore’s lawsuit in court.”

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