Fortnite Tilted Towers Meteor strike: Is Epic Games planning a new map for Battle Royale?

Fortnite’s Meteor in the sky has been grabbing the attention of players for some weeks now and with every day that passes the interest in the big blue rock in the sky seems to get more intense.

This, of course, all started a few weeks back when Fortnite fans spotted the meteor in the skies above the map. 

This was then followed by people noticing a number of telescopes dotted around the map as well.

It quickly led to speculation that Epic Games was preparing to level Tilted Towers, which gained tractions when players discovered a morse code message linked to newly discovered controller rumblings.

According to one Reddit user, the rumblings translate to “SOS D 5 418”. Tilted Towers by the way, is located at D5 on the map, while 418 could be a reference to April 2018.

It’s unclear how much of this was some sort of elaborate April Fools Day gag, like Pokemon GO release 8-bit monsters for a period.

But with Season 3 due to end on April 30th, and Season 4 teasers right around the corner, it’s possible that an answer to those questions could be revealed sooner than we think.

For one thing, it’s worth remembering that ahead of the official Season 3 reveal, Fortnite’s Twitter account was teasing fans with small clips, pictures and gifs.

So we could see more info about the Meteor intensify early next week.

However, there’s one theory we have that 

In a recent GamesRadar interview the game’s Lead Designer Eric Williamson was asked about the possibility of a new map, and Williamson’s comments were fairly positive. 

GamesRadar: Do you see there ever being another map, or are you quite set on there being this one that you can iterate on? 

Williamson: We’ve discussed it internally. It’s probably not a question of if, but certainly a question of when. 

But then more recently, asked something similar by IGN, Williamson said:

“There’s no urgency to create a new map right now, it’s not something we’re getting a sense of urgency for. It’s not a priority right now.”  

He then added that the team will “continue to evolve and make the map feel fresh.”

However, maybe the truth is somewhere in between the two.

With this Meteor fast approaching, perhaps Epic are planning something much more than just levelling Tilted Towers.

Perhaps we’re all thinking too small. After all, this is a Meteor, something which I’ve always associated with extinction level events in history. Or maybe I’ve just watched Michael Bay’s Armageddon far too many times.

Assuming then, that this Meteor does strike the map, perhaps the area of devastation will leave a deeper impact [I’ll get my coat] across the whole map than just Tilted Towers?

A way to evolve the map significantly without Epic having to make wholesale changes.

This does fly in the face somewhat of fans finding evidence of a new Limited Time Event called impact in the games files, but surely all this effort isn’t being made for another LTM that will just come and go.

As mentioned, it shouldn’t be long before we find out and who knows we might learn something else when the games new Fornite 3.6 Update drops today or tomorrow.

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