FIFA 18 – Here’s how to get over £10 off the must-own PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch game

FIFA 18 was released last Friday on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and as you might imagine it shot straight to the top of the UK charts, remarkably knocking Destiny 2 off its perch.

It was also revealed, according to industry experts at GamesIndustry.biz that the PS4 edition of FIFA 18 had accounted for 60% of all FIFA 18 copies sold in the UK.

In addition, the Xbox One took more than a third of all sales and combined the PS4 and Xbox One accounted for 97% of all FIFA 18 units shifted in the UK.

“For all the excitement surrounding the Switch version, the Nintendo SKU took less than 3% of sales – especially since legacy Xbox 360 and PS3 copies were also available.” explained the website.

Still, you’d be hard pushed to argue that FIFA 18 has been anything but another massive success for EA.

The only drawback is that it’s unlikely to be sold on the cheap and certainly not for anything under £50, not unless you can wait it out and follow our advice from yesterday to pick up the game in November sales.

However, there is a way to get over £10 off the RRP for the game TODAY. And no, this doesn’t involve eBay or some market seller from Amazon.

Gameseek has announced that they will be selling the game at a special discounted cost to help with their week-long celebrations to commemorate 17 years of selling video games to the public.

“GameSeek Week” as the company has coined it, has already kicked off and if you head to the website you’ll find a whole bunch of deals and offers, alongside “the launch of our all-new interactive on website game: GameHunter!”

However, for those of you only interested in the FIFA 18 deal, then you’ll want to head to the site at 5PM this evening as that’s when you’ll be able to purchase the game on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch at the discounted price.

“To take advantage of this offer, simply pop over to the website, add one to your basket, and apply the code GameSeekWeekFIFA to kick £11.25 off the price,” a message on the GameSeek website confirmed.

“We will be selling PS4, Xbox One, and Switch copies of FIFA 18 until our stock runs dry, so make sure you’ve nabbed one before they all go!

Follow this link to buy your copy at the discounted price:


In addition to the above FIFA 18 deal, GameSeek has also announced that they have secured plenty of additional SNES Classic Mini stock from Nintendo to help with their week-long celebrations.

For those of you seeking a SNES Classic Mini, then you’ll want to set an alarm for 5PM on Thursday as that’s when you’ll be able to buy one of these impressive micro machines.

“We can now confirm that the SNES Mini will be available to purchase during GameSeek Week on Thursday, October 5th at 5pm – This little console is highly in demand and we’re thrilled to have secured additional stock for our loyal customers.” a message on the GameSeek website confirmed.

“The SNES Classic Mini will be for sale on our website at just £78.50 until all stock is sold out, so be sure to act fast if you want to get your hands on one!”

We’ve also heard that the stock is anything but small, so there should be plenty to go around on the day.


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