Koei Tecmo has published details on five more returning characters in the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 9, which are Li Dian, Lu Su, Huang Zhong, Meng Huo, and Zhurong. You can read more details about them right below.

Li Dian

Dynasty Warriors 9 Li Dian

Li Dian (courtesy name Mancheng) is a brave warrior who has served Cao Cao for a long time ever since the latter just established his army. Although he has a very carefree personality, which causes people around him to be confused about him, he has sharp instincts that let him quickly notice enemy strategies and traps.

As expected, Li Dian loses his outlandish Wheel Halberd from his debut in Dynasty Warriors 8, and he is now being assigned the Crescent Glaive, which means he is sharing the same weapon type as Guan Yu.

Lu Su

Dynasty Warriors 9 Lu Su

Lu Su (courtesy name Zijing) is the second governor-general of Wu, having succeeded Zhou Yu. He also taught Lu Meng, who would later succeed him. In contrast to Zhuge Liang’s plan to split China into Three Kingdoms, he preferred a Two Kingdoms plan that would split China between the kingdoms of Wu and Wei.

Lu Su still retains the Rake that he has been using ever since his debut in Dynasty Warriors 8.

Huang Zhong

Dynasty Warriors 9 Huang Zhong

Before being known as one of Shu’s Five Tiger Generals, Huang Zhong (courtesy name Hansheng) was originally an officer who, together with Wei Yan, served Han Xuan and later went under Liu Bei after Han Xuan’s defeat. He was also known for his highly accurate archery skills, which were proven when he shot down Xiahou Yuan at the Battle of Mt. Dingjun, Hanzhong.

Due to the Bow being universally available to all characters in Dynasty Warriors 9, it no longer becomes the main weapon for Huang Zhong. Instead, he now uses a Dao sword. Famitsu magazine mentioned his weapon as Podao Scimitar, which if true would make him share the same weapon type as Xiahou Dun.

Meng Huo

Dynasty Warriors 9 Meng Huo

Meng Huo is known the king of Nanzhong, the vast southern lands. His status as the king is supported by his huge body build and strength. He always prioritizes emotions over thoughts, and he unexpectedly both loves and fears his wife Zhurong. Zhuge Liang would make use of the latter points when he pacified Nanzhong without much bloodshed by capturing Meng Huo seven times to make the latter surrender.

Meng Huo no longer holds the stone Stele given to him in Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires, as he returns to using Knuckle Gloves together with Ding Feng, just like in Dynasty Warriors 7.


Dynasty Warriors 9 Zhurong

Zhurong is Meng Huo’s wife who claims to be a descendant of the legendary fire god that has the same name as her. She is a female warrior with a determined spirit. True to her namesake, she prefers impulsive offenses. However, she would support the even more reckless Meng Huo so that he could grow as a good king.

Zhurong still retains her Flying Blade boomerang, which has been her signature weapon in almost every Dynasty Warriors games except Dynasty Warriors 7.


As of this article, there are just five more remaining characters that Koei Tecmo has not introduced yet: Guan Xing, Fa Zheng, Bu Lianshi, Yue Jin, and Zhong Hui. Other than introducing more returning characters, Koei Tecmo has today also published five new gameplay videos for Man Chong, Zhou Yu, DaQiao, Guan Yu, and Xiahou Ba.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will be released for PlayStation 4 in Japan and East Asia on February 8, with a Western release that includes Xbox One and Steam versions on February 13.

[Source: Koei Tecmo]

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