Dragonglass is making an attempt to convey cryptocurrency mining to the masses by enabling you to mine coins by actively playing a cellular video game.

The TGE (Token era occasion) kicks off on the 16th of February at 3pm where all of the 1,111,111,111 created tokens will be sent to contributors.

The challenge is getting formulated by an experienced team guide by Mart Lune and will run on the Ethereum blockchain. To get included you can expect to have to obtain an initial total of DGS tokens on the 16th of February. The initial mining video game will give you the chance to mine Dragonglass up to 10x your first stake, so if you obtain a one Dragonglass token (DGS) you will be capable to mine up to 10 much more ending up with a optimum of eleven.

These tokens can then be bought and bought on the Ethereum blockchain and will be used in upcoming game titles formulated by the exact team.

The goal is to convey cryptocurrency mining to the masses. When traditional mining calls for effective Laptop hardware, a regular supply of electricity and a generous dose of time – the mining in Dragonglass will “(use) a unique mining technique that does not rely on your device’s means. The mining is completed by creating seamless DGS token transactions.”

These transactions will be induced by finishing amounts in the Dragonglass Miner cellular video game. This possibly seems a minor way too excellent to be genuine, as the builders are proclaiming to switch a process that originally takes a whole lot of hardware, electricity and time with a cellular video game that does not pressure your phone’s means. Their whitepaper can be discovered right here, and following skimming through it, I was however no wiser on how they truly prepare to deal with that obstacle on a specialized level.

Nevertheless, I am not an engineer or a programmer so my feeling right here usually means extremely minor. Just, as ever, be cautions where you commit any income and do your have analysis.

If Dragonglass delivers upon what it promises then it could make cryptocurrency mining considerably much more accessible to a broader audience. Nevertheless, as the crypto world matures, the currencies with functional employs are substantially easier to purchase in to (virtually and figuratively). We’re however not obvious on what the Dragonglass tokens (DGS) truly do, but we’re hoping to discover out in because of time.

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