A coming of age story involving quirky teens that stumble on a dead human body? Check. Supernatural things that include time journey and ghosts? Check. Egyptian mythology? Check. Animated cutscenes that seem straight out of an 80s cartoon? Check. In essence, Crossing Souls is nearly a game that was manufactured for me. It’s no wonder it found an viewers on Kickstarter, as the game combines a bunch of definitely great issues into one particular promising bundle.

The story is undoubtedly the most appealing part of Crossing Souls early on. Even if teens discovering a dead human body is not the most first start off, the game adds in some Egyptian twists involving the Duat, which lets the crew to see ghosts. Of program, no one particular team of teens need to have all that electricity, and issues promptly go awry foremost to the dying of one particular of the little ones. From there, a messy, still coherent, plot of evil businesses and precise gods emerge, and it is up to the little ones to make issues suitable.

As significantly gameplay goes, Crossing Souls is a fairly standard leading-down action game with melee-centered overcome. The one particular twist is that just about every of the game’s characters (who can be switched to on the fly) has various skills. The primary character, a blue-haired teen named Chris, wields a baseball bat that can strike projectiles, when the obese “Big” Joe can just take much more hits and packs a harmful punch of his individual. These skills also play into some exploration facets as perfectly, so early on it appears crucial to master everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.

Afraid to Let Go

The overcome by no means gets extremely sophisticated, as most enemies just just take a number of immediate hits before they’re defeated, but some of the boss fights (which you can see in the video clip earlier mentioned) do just take edge of the character switching. For illustration, one particular battle forced me to use the one particular gun-carrying character to activate objects from afar before switching to a much more cellular character to stay away from attacks. These are the moments that the overcome feels pleasurable.

Disappointingly, the game’s overcome also winds up having much more and much more restricted as the game goes on as characters are divided and leave the team. By the time the ultimate boss battle rolled all over, I was trapped using the character I liked enjoying as the minimum, and any of the character-switching gameplay I found appealing was wholly absent. Like quite a few of its superior thoughts, the overcome feels underdeveloped and leaves a good deal still left unexplored.

Similarly as disappointing is the game’s entire mechanic of being ready to interact with the ghosts of your buddies. This lets for the participant to handle two characters at once (in various realms no considerably less), and it should’ve manufactured for some wonderful puzzles and action sequences. As an alternative, players just use the ghosts to once in a while transfer by way of obstacles and then get them to activate a switch so the alive characters can continue on on. It’s extremely uninteresting, and there is a good deal of platforming puzzles in a game that doesn’t come to feel all that wonderful in phrases of movement.

Let us Faux We’re Numb

What is most eerie about Crossing Souls is not how the game incorporates ghosts, but alternatively how little emotion the game is capable of evoking. This is a game whose opening is capped off with the dying of a younger kid, and still I was by no means supplied any actual reason to be unfortunate. Following spending a number of moments mourning the loss, the youngsters start off interacting with the dead kid’s spirit due to the powers of the Duat, and it is like they ended up by no means definitely absent. In the end it doesn’t make a difference if the loss is undercut simply because all of the characters have as well little depth to get the participant emotionally included. Even later on when the developers experienced much more time to flesh out characters, the fatalities (which need to appear like important moments but don’t) unsuccessful to resonate.

I desire I could say that the story is only a disappointment from an emotional standpoint, but it is fairly messy all all over. The game builds to a ultimate boss battle in opposition to a more substantial-than-existence villain, and still the battle by no means definitely happens. As an alternative, players are addressed to a short dialogue sequence that is promptly around (players don’t even get one particular of the game’s early early morning cartoon-inspired cutscenes for what need to be the most significant story second), and then the credits start off to roll. It’s an very anti-climatic way to conclude a journey that was not all that pleasurable to start off with.

Crossing Souls has a bunch of things that need to be suitable up my alley, but some flat creating and uninspired style and design definitely keeps it from hitting the wanted marks. There’s a superior thought listed here, and I have no doubt that a teen adventure starring ghosts and Egyptian Gods could be definitely dope, but a great idea doesn’t make a wonderful game. As an alternative, it just will make the conclude result all the much more disappointing.

Crossing Souls overview code furnished by publisher. Variation one.02 reviewed on PlayStation four Professional. For much more details on scoring, make sure you read through our Review Policy.


  • Terrific artwork
  • A number of boss fights are pleasurable
  • Good thoughts
  • Story fails to captivate
  • Gameplay gets to be repetitive
  • Hardly ever thoroughly explores its mechanics

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