Microsoft is flaunting the prowess of its Edge web browser when compared to Firefox and Chrome.

The Redmond-based technology company has shared a new video designed to showcase how power efficient Microsoft Edge is when compared to its closest rivals.

The clip shows Microsoft Edge outlasting both Mozilla Firefox and Chrome in terms of battery life. 

Microsoft performed the test on a machine running the latest version of its desktop operating system, Fall Creators Update, which showed Edge can last “63 per cent longer than Mozilla Firefox and 19 per cent longer than Google Chrome”.

For its test, which was performed on a Surface Book, Microsoft continuously looped a HD video stream.

According to , the Surface Book running Mozilla Firefox died at 9 hours 52 minutes, while the machine running Google Chrome lasted until 13 hours 31 minutes.

Meanwhile, the Surface Book streaming HD video using Microsoft Edge lasted for 16 hours 8 minutes.

That’s potentially six hours more battery life when using Microsoft Edge to stream your Netflix, compared to Mozilla Firefox.

That’s a significant improvement.

This isn’t the first time .

The US company released a similar video that compared Edge against Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome following the launch of Windows 10 Creators Update.

It appears each company has invested time to make its web browser more power efficient since that test, which was conducted back in April 2017, showed Firefox managing seven hours of video-looping before it died.

Meanwhile, Chrome passed the nine hour mark, and Microsoft Edge lasted for 12 hours 31 minutes.

The upgrade to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update brought a number of improvements to Microsoft Edge, including a new design, improved favourites management, new eBook reader, and more.

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