Adverse social media reactions in China towards the government’s curiosity in abolishing presidential time period limitations have sparked a crackdown on memes due to the fact Sunday evening. China’s constitution currently restricts the president and vice-president to ten yrs of management, that means that President Xi Jinping would have been out of electricity by 2023.

The Party’s Central Committee proposed getting rid of a phrase in the constitution that said the two leaders would “serve no a lot more than two consecutive phrases,” in accordance to the point out-run Xinhua News Agency. Authorities will vote on the proposal in March.

Quite a few took to social media platforms like WeChat and Weibo with Winnie the Pooh memes, as the animated bear resembles President Xi Jinping to some degree. Winnie the Pooh has been involved with Xi for yrs and this week, he donned a crown and sat on a throne, enjoying his honey pot. These memes and social media posts ended up then taken down, several hours just after the Committee’s announcement, signaling that the public’s reaction was a lot more unfavorable than authorities predicted.

“Our emperor has obtained the Mandate of Heaven, so we have to kneel and acknowledge,” a person consumer wrote on Weibo, in accordance to What is on Weibo, a news web-site that focuses on China’s social media.

Another web-site,, reveals what the system appears like uncensored. A single of the posts that was censored by Weibo’s father or mother enterprise, Sina, stated in a remark we’ve translated, “Amendments to the constitution are normally intended to encourage people’s flexibility and restrict general public electricity. An modification that proposes to do the specific opposite is so unheard of, I didn’t expect to encounter it at all.” The poster then went on to say sarcastically, “What a great period we live in.”

Some pointed out the similarity to North Korea. “We’re next the case in point of our neighbor,” a person stated, as noticed on Weibo by Reuters, in a article that was taken out quickly on Sunday. The Kim family has dominated China’s neighbor due to the fact the 1940s.

An assortment of phrases have been filtered out by new censors, which include “constitution modification,” “re-elected,” “proclaim oneself as emperor,” and “two time period restrict.” The lag time among the censorship and the original proposal implies authorities expected the general public to react considerably less critically.

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