Bucky Barnes throws off the shackles of his previous with a manufacturer-spanking new name in Avengers: Infinity War. The Winter season Soldier will now go by a new name, which really should not be a shock to all those who have found Black Panther.

Some spoilers may adhere to. Transform again now if you you should not want to know any more.

The expose will come courtesy of Amusement Weekly’s Avengers: Infinity War covers. The accompanying description reads, “Sebastian Stan’s rehabilitated assassin now goes by White Wolf. It really is intriguing to see a guy whose reminiscences had been scrambled, wiped, and rebuilt paired with Pom Klementieff’s alien brain-reader.”

Bucky was whisked away to Wakanda at the close of Civil War. He was remaining in the treatment of Shuri, and in the close credits scene of Black Panther, he looks absolutely rehabilitated, albeit lacking an arm. He’s referred to as White Wolf by some of the nearby Wakandan youngsters in that ultimate scene, and seemingly the name has caught.

From the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, we know Bucky will be finding a new prosthetic — likely Wakandan tech from Shuri, manufactured from Vibranium.

While the White Wolf character is actually the adopted son of T’Chaka (T’Challa’s late father) in the comics, it seems to be like Bucky will be buying up that mantle in the MCU.

The covers also present off Iron Man’s new Bleeding Edge armor, comprehensive with rocket booster wings for deep area traversal.

Avengers: Infinity War will be hitting US theaters a 7 days before than initially planned, on April 27, so we can see how the White Wolf is modifying to his new life in a few quick months.

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