Ahead of the stream reveal on May 23, EA and Dice have dropped a strange teaser trailer that possibly indicates the setting for the upcoming Battlefield V.  The video is barely a few frames, and seems to be in game based on the indicators on-screen but it shows some rather interesting imagery for the series that usually plays things safe.

A man standing over you and “shushing” is the extent of the trailer, and seems to set a dark, if not a little more off-beat tone, for the possible story campaign. The apparel of the character onscreen points to another game set in the past, but it is the symbols representing the Nazis and Great Britain in the upper right that give away the probable WWII setting. The information revealed so far is in line with what has been previously rumored, and seems to directly confirm player suspicions. 



Our Take:
I am a huge battlefield fan, and Battlefield 1 was a breath of fresh air for the shooter franchise.  It is especially exciting to see where they go with the multiplayer and the war stories formula in a WWII setting. 

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