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Pocket-lint released this impression of a mark still left by its Homepod test device

Apple’s new wise speakers can discolour picket surfaces, leaving a white mark in which they are placed, the firm has acknowledged.

The US business has advised that house owners may well have to re-oil furniture if the HomePod is moved.

The unit went on sale last week following owning been delayed from its primary 2017 release date.

Apple told Pocket-lint that it was “not unconventional” for speakers with silicone bases to leave a “moderate mark”.

But the gadget review website told the BBC it had hardly ever observed nearly anything like this problem.

The website’s founder, Stuart Miles, told the BBC that a speaker still left a mark on his kitchen worktop inside of 20 minutes.

“To distinct it, I had to sand the wood down and then re-oil it,” Mr Miles reported.

“It wasn’t the end of the planet for us. But if you have bought an high-priced Scandinavian sideboard or some stunning piece of picket furniture and then received a mark on it from the speaker, you can envision the horror,” he extra.

The problem has also been skilled by a New York Periods review and the 9to5Mac news website as very well as by at minimum a person member of the general public.

The NYT’s Wirecutter website reported Apple told it that “the marks can make improvements to in excess of a number of days following the speaker is removed from the wood floor.”

Apple extra that if the marks did not make improvements to then prospects could “try cleaning the floor with the manufacturer’s advised oiling strategy”.

It is not but distinct if the problem influences all HomePod speakers or just a sample of the preliminary output operate.

Heat and humidity?

The £319 HomePod has been praised in critiques for the top quality of the bass notes that it can develop.

But to do so, it requires to be placed on a flat floor.

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The HomePod costs additional than Google, Amazon and Sonos’ entry-level wise speakers but critiques propose it presents superior audio

“Most others gadgets that I test have smaller toes that raise them off the counter at any time so marginally to lead to an air stream,” commented Mr Miles.

“But the HomePod appears to need speak to with the floor that it really is on to resonate and produce the potent bass.

“I set it on a coaster to see if that would beat [leaving a mark] but that ruined the bass qualities, so which is not a fix to the problem,” he extra.

In accordance to a person furniture polish assistance website, the most popular will cause of white marks on picket furniture are heat and humidity.

The BBC has requested Apple for additional information about the issue but has but to acquire a reply.

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