Apple should surely keep away from throwing stones as its glass homes have been creating some troubles of late.

Workers at Apple Park have been strolling into glass doors at the new campus, and SF Chronicle has acquired transcripts of the 911 phone calls.

In every of the 3 phone calls, Apple stability expresses concern that the staff may possibly be concussed, and in some scenarios, the sufferers were being even bleeding. You can look at out just one of the transcripts below or examine all 3 at SF Chronicle.

Apple employees experienced started to place up Put up It notes to mark glass doors but the business reportedly took them down saying it detracted from the layout of the creating.

Dispatcher: Clinical crisis, 185, what are you reporting?

Caller: This is Apple stability reporting a medical injuries.

Dispatcher: Ok, what is the deal with of the crisis?

Caller: Just a minute.

Individual in the history, in close proximity to the caller: If you could enable them know Apple Park Way.

Caller: Apple Park Way.

Dispatcher: What is the deal with?

Caller: Apple Park Way. 1 Apple Park Way.

Dispatcher: Can you repeat to make absolutely sure I have it appropriate?

Caller: 1 Apple Park Way.

Dispatcher: Where by specifically should they go?

Caller: Transit middle, 5A.

Dispatcher: Transit middle — is that in any particular space at Apple?

Caller: It’s off of Tantau Avenue.

Caller: Is that proper at 1 Apple Park Way however?

Caller: It’s heading to be Gate 5A off of Tantau Avenue.

Dispatcher: So the deal with you gave me at 1 Apple Park Way is that specifically exactly where we’re heading?

Caller: Indeed.

Dispatcher: …so explain to me specifically what occurred.

Caller: We experienced an individual who ran into a glass wall pane and they strike their head. They have a smaller slice on their head and they are bleeding, slightly disoriented. We have on internet site stability with them proper now.

Dispatcher: Are you with the individual now?

Caller: No, I am not with the individual. We are seeking to have a stability unit call in proper now so I hook up you in excess of.

Dispatcher: How outdated is the individual?

Caller: Late 20s.

Dispatcher: Is the individual male or female?

Caller: Male.

Dispatcher: Is he awake?

Caller: He is aware.

Dispatcher: Is he respiration?

Caller: That we do not know. Indeed, of course, he’s aware and respiration.

Dispatcher: Allow me go ahead listed here and update the paramedics. When did this occur?

Caller: It occurred close to 5 minutes ago. All around twelve:05.

Dispatcher: Is there any significant bleeding?

Caller: Indeed, from the head.

Dispatcher: Is he wholly notify?

Caller: Indeed.

Dispatcher: All proper, just one minute. Allow me update the paramedics and I’ll have some far more guidance for you.

Ok, I’m sending the paramedics to enable you now just keep on the line and I’ll explain to you what specifically to do subsequent. You can just refer this to your stability. Do not move him unless of course he is in hazard and do not splint any injuries. From now on, do not enable him have anything to try to eat or drink, it may possibly make him ill or trigger further troubles. And really don’t move him unless of course it’s definitely vital. Tell him to be still and wait around for enable to get there.

I’m heading to give you the manage bleeding guidance so they can enable that … so pay attention thoroughly and let us make absolutely sure we do it proper. Get clean dry cloth or towel and area it proper on the wound and explain to him to push down firmly and do not elevate it up to appear.

Caller: Push on the wound and do not appear up.

Dispatcher: Right, appropriate. I want someone to observe him really intently. If he turns into considerably less awake and vomits, promptly transform him on his side. In advance of the responders get there — I’m absolutely sure you have currently done this — have someone flag down and enable them tutorial the paramedics in. If he will get even worse in any way, call us back again right away for further guidance.

Caller: Will do.

Dispatcher: Ok, thank you.

Caller: Thank you, have a great day.

Dispatcher: You way too. Bye.

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