Apple is not just a tech business as the business is now employing medical doctors and other health care employees to build its very own health care clinics. CNBC initially noticed Apple’s new subsidiary, AC Wellness.

Although AC Wellness’ web site is nonetheless sparse, it does not consider to hide its relationship with Apple, Inc. On the about site, there’s a big photo of Apple’s new spaceship campus. If you seem at the resource code on the make contact with site, it sends an e-mail to an e-mail address.

“AC Wellness Network, LLC. is a subsidiary of Apple, Inc. and is the committed management expert services group (MSO) for AC Wellness Network, a committed independent health care group that serves Apple Wellness Centers in Santa Clara Valley,” you can go through in occupation advertisements on In “Our mission is to supply the world’s greatest healthcare activities for Apple personnel.”

CNBC found two clinics in Santa Clara County, not considerably from Apple’s offices in Cupertino. In addition to creating confident that your personnel have anything they need to continue to be healthier, Apple could use this subsidiary to test new units and expert services.

This is not the initially time non-public businesses kind healthcare businesses for their very own personnel. Amazon, JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire are teaming up to kind their very own healthcare business.

It is but an additional illustration that the healthcare program in the U.S. is broken. Major tech businesses are now taking issues into their very own hands. If you’re doing the job for a big business, you’re heading to be good for the reason that they can enable you with a huge vary of positive aspects.

But anyone else is left at the rear of. You do not want to get laid off, work as a freelancer, work for a small and scrappy business or retire.

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