Yeah, so this is a bummer. Now that the HomePod is out in the wild, stories have started out trickling in from buyers complaining about the $349 intelligent speaker’s regrettable aspect outcome on wood furnishings. A swift journey to Twitter displays a variety of kinds of HomePod-sized rings left on desks and desk tops.

Apple has since verified the issue on its help site, noting, “It is not unconventional for any speaker with a vibration-dampening silicone foundation to depart delicate marks when put on some wood surfaces.”

The issue seems to be 1 of chemistry. “The marks can be brought about by oils diffusing concerning the silicone foundation and the desk surface, and will typically go away after a number of days when the speaker is taken off from the wood surface.”

For what it’s truly worth, we didn’t run into the issue in our individual testing, and the problems show up to be fairly scattershot. But the averse conversation concerning wood and silicone is a identified issue, as Apple handily factors out. In truth, buyers have complained of comparable concerns with products like the Echo Dot.

Of class, that is all the far more rationale that this issue should really have been tackled just before the solution hit the market place. If the marks really don’t go away, the corporation indicates, “wiping the surface carefully with a gentle moist or dry cloth may perhaps eliminate the marks. If marks persist, clean the surface with the furnishings manufacturer’s advisable cleansing course of action.”

Outside of that, well, “if you are involved about this, we propose putting your HomePod on a diverse surface.”

There are also lots of helpful strategies on a variety of woodworking forums if you are among individuals who’ve run into the issue. Here’s a beneficial site describing what can be done to counteract the damage. In some circumstances, it may perhaps demand a refinish.

And, no joke, making use of something as a type of significant coaster or other bumper could not be a horrible plan, possibly. At minimum till Apple concerns some form of a take care of here. If the issue does come to be popular, potentially we’ll see something akin to the Iphone 4 scenario software that arrived in the wake of Antennagate.

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