Google has just announced the Android P developer preview, which is almost exclusively concentrated on back-close options that mostly concern, you know, builders. Most of the consumer-going through options will not be announced right until the Google I/O conference in May possibly. But we’re on the lookout for issues that look unique, and the over screenshot of the Fast Configurations panel and notifications drawer surely drew our eye.

This part of the UI can look wildly unique relying on which edition of Android you’re utilizing. Google’s panel seems unique from Samsung’s or LG’s, for example. But if you have been utilizing a Pixel, you can’t assistance but observe the rounded corners and borders all over these UI factors. Right now, in Oreo, these bits are squared off and go over the whole screen.

The concern, of program, is that Android will eliminate the data density most customers at present love in favor of the massive bubbles on iOS. That (thankfully) does not look to be the situation in this article alternatively, it is just a subtle stylistic transform that more evidently delineates the two parts of the drawer from every single other and from the rest of the OS. It’s also not value panicking still for the reason that we have found Google experiment with unique visible treatments of these factors prior to, so issues could transform.

Google is surely borrowing an plan from the Iphone, on the other hand: even richer data inside of texting notifications. With Android P, messaging applications will be able to use a new design and style on their notifications that do a superior job of exhibiting images, such as the profile image of the man or woman texting you. Even superior, you will be able to develop them and see a handful of strains of dialogue prior to you tap in your speedy reply.

That is very similar to how it works on iOS, other than there, you need to recall to use a challenging 3D Contact to open up up the in-notification window. Presumably, Android will stick with the slow (or two-finger) drag to develop its notifications.

Google is adding one particular more alternative for messaging applications which is fully authentic to Android: the skill to insert intelligent reply buttons inside of the notification itself. We do not have the complete particulars still, but it is a great bet that Google will inspire builders to use one thing like the Reply app that a short while ago surfaced, which lets you use Good Replies in notifications right now.

Hopefully there will be even more tweaks to notifications in Android P. Oreo additional several granular options that give customers full manage of how notifications look, but it did so with an explosion of complicated checkboxes. I’d like to see Android P consider to simplify that interface a little bit while leaving it uncomplicated to rapidly modify an app’s settings right from the notification itself.

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