Amazon has gone large on Alexa and its Echo products. The array is now large, from the inexpensive Echo Dot up to the pricier Echo Demonstrate with its touchscreen.

If just about anything, the option is a minor baffling but we’ve outlined how the designs differ in our ‘Which Echo really should I purchase ’ tutorial.

Right here, we’re conversing especially about the 3rd-generation Echo, the putative successor to the Echo 2 which by itself was the follow-up to the primary Amazon Echo which introduced back again in 2016.

When is the Amazon Echo three release day?

It is a minor early to be asking, truly. The Echo 2 came out in October 2017 so we would not anticipate it to be replaced until finally the close of this calendar year at the earliest.

Even then, there is no strain on Amazon to start a new model on an annual foundation. There is previously a big option of products, and which is not including all the 3rd-get together designs from other brands.

Nevertheless, there is a reward to possessing numerous Alexas all over the property, so even recent Echo entrepreneurs could be tempted by an upgraded model.

How a great deal will the Echo three price tag?

All over again, it’s way too early to say and the cost will count on a lot of aspects these types of as regardless of whether Amazon goes for improved audio good quality or wishes to push selling prices down even additional.

Google has matched the Echo Dot’s cost with its have Property Mini, but it hasn’t lower the cost of the even bigger (and primary) Property model which remains at £129/US$129.

The Echo 2 costs £89.ninety nine/US$ninety nine.ninety nine from Amazon.

New options we’d like to see in the Echo three

Much better audio

There is a whole lot to like about the Echo 2, and Amazon is continually incorporating options and new skills to Alexa which – in this writer’s impression – is at this time the most effective voice assistant to have.

Regardless of this, the Echo 2 is not great. When it in the beginning introduced, a lot of complained that alternatively of the promised boost in good quality about the primary, it actually sounded even worse.

Amazon Echo 3 rumours

Fortunately, Amazon was equipped to mail out a program update which managed to repair this and put the Echo 2 at least on a par with the even bigger primary.

So, 1st on our want listing is a action up in audio good quality, especially for tunes. Alexa sounds fine on the Echo 2 if you’re just listening to the headlines or a podcast or the radio, but it leaves you wanting when it arrives to tunes.

Google has the Property Max and Apple has the HomePod for audiophiles, but both of those price tag way additional than the Echo. If Amazon was to compete with those speakers, it would not be with the Echo three: it would have to be an solely new model.

Assuming it sticks with the very same compact size, ideally it can nonetheless come up with some engineering trickery to coax additional bass and quantity from the woofer in the upcoming model.


In the US, Amazon sells the Tap – a transportable, Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speaker. We’re nonetheless not absolutely sure why this is not out there in the British isles, but it would be quite useful to be equipped to consider your Echo into the back garden and use it when you’re outdoors.

Definitely, this type of portability involves a battery. No matter if which is inner or some type of attachable accessory, we’d appreciate to see it on the Echo three.

For now, you have to vacation resort to an extension lead or a 3rd-get together product these types of as the NinetySeven Vaux, which offers the Echo Dot a battery and a improved speaker.

Much better voice recognition

The Echo 2 introduced improved microphones for improved ‘wake phrase recognition’ but it nonetheless is not flawless. On situation Alexa nonetheless won’t react if there is way too a great deal background sounds (including when the Echo by itself is enjoying tunes) and, contrarily, pipes up from time to time when no-one has even mentioned Alexa.

This could be both of those a hardware and program repair, but in any circumstance, let’s hope that the upcoming Echo has even improved wake phrase recognition so it responds each individual time, and only when an individual has especially mentioned “Alexa”.

Amazon Echo 3 rumours

1 of Alexa’s most significant annoyances is that she’ll generally get started enjoying tunes when you requested a wholly unrelated question, these types of as “Alexa, is fox looking lawful in the UK”. It is nearly as if the default response when she doesn’t fairly realize you is to say “Here’s a station you may like” and get started enjoying random tunes.

Nevertheless, until finally these voice assistants are genuinely intelligent, we’ll all have to learn to reside with these types of limits.

Alexa Techniques

Numerous of the options on our Alexa want listing (when the Echo at first introduced) have previously been executed by Amazon, so it’s excellent to know that not only is it listening to shopper requests but actively increasing the assistant all the time.

For illustration, you can now play tunes across several Echos in sync. In addition you can request Alexa in one home to play tunes in a distinct home.

Alexa can now mail messages to other Echo end users, and in the US she is beginning to be equipped to mail SMS messages to cellular phone figures as very well.

All over again, a US-only ability is to recognise who is talking and answer appropriately. This way, Alexa can take care of several calendars, to-do lists and additional. We’d appreciate to see this rolled out in the British isles and other nations as quickly as probable.

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