At a special event on 27 September 2017 Amazon announced a batch of new Echo products, including the second-gen Echo. One of those products was the Echo Spot. We outline what it is and when you can buy one.

What is the Echo Spot?

Amazon’s new Echo Spot is a cross between the Echo Show and Echo Dot, and can do everything either of those two products can do.

It has a 2.5in display, which usually serves for telling the time, but the Echo Spot can also be used for making hands-free calls and video calls.

Audio quality from the Spot won’t be amazing, but you can hook up an external speaker via Bluetooth or AUX.

When is the Echo Spot release date?

For now the Echo Spot is available only in the US, though it is said to be coming to the UK next year.

This has been the case with various Amazon product launches – notably we had to wait a year for the original Echo to come to the UK after it was announced in the US.

If you are in the US you can pre-order the Echo Spot now, and it will go on sale on 19 December, just in time for Christmas.

How much is the Echo Spot?

In the US the Echo Spot costs $129.99.

Obviously pricing has not been confirmed for the UK, though we’d expect it to come in at £119.99.

Read more about the various models in the Echo line-up.

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